• Let us tell your story for you.

    After all, we’ve been doing this for more than 80 years!

It’s very difficult to get yourself noticed in today’s information-overloaded age. As storytellers, we can help you stand out from the crowd by basing our creative concepts on our knowledge of the target group. We’ll create a campaign which fits in perfectly with the target group’s own needs and ideas, and we’ll carry out the entire production in your own style too. Next, we’ll post your campaign across all the relevant media. Of course, the campaign will be distributed and supported by the Sanoma strong brands.

Branded content

We know exactly what the target group wants thanks to many years of experience. We know them, we know what interests them and we know what type of information they’re looking for. And we’ll be delighted to use our knowledge to generate relevant branded content for you. We’ll build up this content in the same tone of voice as our own specific titles and make sure it fits in with your brand advertising. We do this across all media, which means all types of media on all channels at exactly the right moment.

Content platforms

We’ll develop exactly the right content and creations for your own channels too. These might be an online platform or your own magazine. And we’ll create fantastic customised editions where literally everything – from content to image – focuses on your brand values. We can also provide you with facilities for structurally producing your customer media.

Custom Creative Solutions

We’re here to help you find appropriate solutions, from strategy to execution. And we’ll make sure that the line of approach and tone of voice fit in perfectly with your brand publicity as well as our titles, which will give your brand an incredible boost. Next, we take care of the right media content, the actual production and the distribution. We’ve selected a few examples for you below, so you’ll get a good idea of what we can actually do for you.

The cases given below are proof that our creative insights can get fantastic results! We’ve selected a few cases for you, so you’ll get a good idea of what we can actually do for you.


Zuivelhoeve’s aim was to tell its target group the story behind the brand and display the product origin in Twente as an unspoilt rural spot in order to flesh out the company’s ‘pure and authentic’ brand values. Thanks to the campaign we created, assisted brand awareness for Zuivelhoeve increased by 4%. In addition, spontaneous brand awareness for Zuivelhoeve rose by at least 21%, and we noted an absolute increase in consumer perception of the brand as being delicious and authentic.


We created a cross-media campaign in order to generate attention for TUI’s last-minute special offers in a very short time. This campaign succeeded in generating awareness of TUI’s last-minute offers among 4 million Dutch people in record time. In addition, we achieved considerable image enhancement with an appropriate increase in brand consideration.

The Next Boy/Girl Band

Maybelline’s aim was to reach female millenials. Maybelline’s aim was to reach female millenials, so we thought up The Next Boy/Girl Band as a campaign to appeal to this target group. Thanks to this campaign, Maybelline now enjoys increased spontaneous brand recognition, an enhanced image, a higher evoked-set position, and significant increases in sales of Maybelline products which we literally put in the spotlight.

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