• This is the biggest women’s platform in the Netherlands!

At Sanoma, we use our cross-media portfolio to reach at least 86% of all Dutch women of all ages every week. Our women’s platform consists of strong brands such as Libelle, Margriet, VIVA, Flair, Story, NOUVEAU, Kek Mama, Flow and Ouders van Nu. Our many years of storytelling have created a strong bond and sense of familiarity between our brands and Dutch women. In addition, our millions of data profiles enable us to get exactly the right message across to these women and go straight to their hearts . We’re storytellers who can achieve impact and conversion – for your brand too!

Cross-media portfolio reaching 92% of all Dutch women every week

24/7 contact with women: from inspiration to conversion

Storytellers who’ve created a strong bond and sense of familiarity with women going back for many years

An extremely targeted reach thanks to millions of data profiles for women

“Our brands for women have been a source of inspiration, information, entertainment and amazement for many years. But more importantly, they help you to reach the right women with the right message in the right context at the right time! And this in turn achieves maximum impact and conversion through reach in combination with data.”