• Today’s influencers, tomorrow’s decision makers

Brand loyalty starts with Kids & Teens: today’s influencers, tomorrow’s decision makers. So make sure you introduce your brand to this target group as soon as possible. Our strong cross-media Kids & Teens portfolio will enable you to reach this target group as effectively as possible. We change along with the target group, we know where to find them, and we provide them with exactly the right relevant content to catch and hold their interest. We use driven data to offer them your brand in the right way through branded content, online videos and lots of other creative 360-degree advertising. And thanks to brands like Donald Duck, Fashionista, Tina, ZoZitDat and Scholieren.com, we’re visible to the entire population of this target group. Take advantage of our strong editorial environment and our huge reach!

“Children and parents alike love our strong brands. They’re brands that surprise them, make them imperceptibly smarter and most importantly, they’re very relaxing. Children in the Netherlands have grown up with these brands. We help with brand building at a young age, so that they come into contact with your brand in good time. Our portfolio ensures an impact on the whole family.”

Take advantage of the authority of our titles in the Kids & Teens environment

Reach the target group through the entire customer journey past different types of media

Every month, our titles have a unique reach of 3,700,000 kids & teenagers aged between 6 and 19 years old

We’re part of the family routine and we reach parents who are secretly reading their kids’ magazines

Our Kids & Teens brands