• The only full-service interior decor partner in the Netherlands

    The interior decor domain has much more to offer than merely inspiring and familiarising people, because in this domain, we’re actually able to help consumers in their customer journey from inspiration to purchase. The interior decoration domain uses vtwonen and other interior decor brands to cover almost all styles so that all consumers can start their customer journey right there. Today’s consumers can’t be categorised into one sole style; they like combining a number of different ones. The journey past all touch points and the addition of TV and e-commerce enable us to provide consumers with actual help and let them make the sales transaction by using data and other analytics.

Our interior decor titles generate a net reach of 1.1 million people on a monthly basis

We’re able to bind 800,000 unique interior decor lovers to our online Home Deco titles every month

We’re the only full-service party with so many channels

More than 52% of our target group is extremely interested in advice and inspiration in the interior decor world

“It starts with inspiration, travels through familiarisation and finishes in a transaction. This is the path that Home Deco consumers and others follow at Sanoma | SBS. We offer a shoppable experience: a service for our advertisers and consumers. Besides our source in content, the interior decor domain is a true pioneer in the field of cross-mediality. The domain is one big team that’s entirely at the service of our brand and our customers”

Our Home Deco brands