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    The most entertaining fun facts magazine in the Netherlands

Zo Zit Dat is the fun facts magazine for boys and girls with an inquiring mind, aged between 9 and 15. The magazine is published every 4 weeks and is packed with scientific info, fun facts, amazing animals, quizzes, games, mysteries and photos. Of course, we go into this in even more detail on our online platform. In short, Zo Zit Dat is the right place for kids to learn about life in an entertaining way.


Zo Zit Dat is het weetjesblad van Nederland onder de jeugd van 9 t/m 15 jaar. Het blad geeft op speelse wijze inspirerende antwoorden op veel gestelde vragen. Door de vlotte teksten, mooie foto’s en grappige cartoons is het tijdschrift toegankelijk voor een brede lezersgroep. De belangrijkste redactionele pijlers zijn dieren en natuur, techniek en wetenschap, computer en games en aarde en heelal.


Thanks to the online platform of Zo Zit Dat, the target group can always look for the best facts. Young children often use this as a reference work and as a source of inspiration for speaking engagements. Make use of this unique range by using eye-catching display materials and branded content solutions.


The followers of Zo Zit Dat like to stay informed of the latest news. Thanks to many responses, likes and reposts, is Zo Zit Dat enjoying  the very active network. Take advantage of this influential position and introduce our followers to your product.


The Zo Zit Dat reader likes to stay up to date with the latest tips and trends. That is why the newsletter converts very well. The possibilities are endless so take advantage of this success!

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Print (6-12 years old)

“Zo Zit Dat is informative in a lighthearted way and gives kids the right tools for discovering the world around them. So it’s no wonder that there’s a high percentage of family members reading along with the kids! Our strong cross-media approach means that Zo Zit Dat is a source of information for the whole family.”

Zo Zit Dat readers

are boys and girls aged between 9 and 15

are on the threshold of their personal development

want to know everything about animals, science and the environment

enjoy reading comic strips

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