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Enjoys a huge exposure boost thanks to our influencers’ network! The HUBworks with top-quality bloggers in the world of fashion, beauty, interior, food and lifestyle. We put you in touch with influencers who can focus your target group’s attention on your story in a uniquely personal way. We enlarge your brand reach and ensure an unambiguous and comprehensive story by linking this story to our Sanoma titles.


as a group, our influencers have more than 7,5 million social media followers

as a group, our influencers have more than one million blog readers

Sponsored story

Get an influencer to write a unique and personal blog about your brand.

Sponsored video

If you want a product review, beauty tutorial, travel account or cookery video about your brand, the influencer will shoot the video for you and make sure you’re in the picture.

Sponsored post

The influencer posts a photo on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter. This may use certain #tags. Posting a link is optional.

Sponsored Pinterest post

The influencer creates a Pinterest board or pins advertisers’ or brand products on an existing board. Use of a #tag is optional.

Sponsored store-visit

The influencer creates an online buzz during or after a visit to your shop.

Sponsored event

BlogToday organises an event that focuses entirely on your brand. Influencers and their readers can experience your brand during this event.

Customised draft

We’ll be happy to help you develop a well-integrated campaign that fits in with your brand’s target and strategy.

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