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Kieskeurig.nl was set up in 1999 and has meanwhile developed into the most reliable and independent product comparison website for consumer electronics. There are more than 500,000 products on this website which are divided into almost 1,000 product groups, together with the prices at more than 500 affiliated online shops which are carefully monitored. Kieskeurig.nl offers visitors independent and reliable info on products and prices, product videos, high-quality background info and verified reviews. This enables them to make a conscious choice. More than 2.2 million well-informed visitors are connected to affiliated online shops every month.

About Kieskeurig.nl

an average of 2,010,000 unique visitors every month

highest consumer brand preference in the ‘search & compare’ category

2.2 million high-quality leads every month

more than one million reliable consumer & expert reviews on the website

Branded Content Page

The branded content page focuses entirely on your product. This enables you to introduce visitors to your brand and inform them on the options and specifications. The page provides space for posting images, background info, videos, reviews and other products relating to your brand.

Your online shop on Kieskeurig.nl

If your online shop becomes a member of Kieskeurig.nl, we’ll send high-quality visitors on to your website. Your prices will be included on the price page for a certain product. Besides the prices, we’ll post info on your delivery times, collection prices, whether you’re an official dealer and your shop rating on Kieskeurig.nl.

Customer insights

Would you like to find out how Kieskeurig.nl visitors choose your product or click to go to your online shop? We offer you all kinds of reporting options that explain this to you! We provide you with data so that you can improve your consumer marketing even further.


Have your product tested

The Kieskeurig.nl testing panel provides manufacturers with the opportunity to launch a product online or generate attention for it. A number of testers use the product for a certain period of time, after which, they give their honest opinion on it. To do this, we work with Hettestpanel.nl. The results are posted online and boosted through our social media channels and our newsletter.


We send the Kieskeurig.nl newsletter every two weeks to our subscribers (about 100,000 of them). This newsletter keeps them informed on product launches, reviews, competitions, developments at Kieskeurig.nl and the latest news from the market. We also offer our advertisers exclusive advertising space. Would you like to see your branded content in the Kieskeurig.nl newsletter too?

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