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High Impact

 Delivery terms and conditions

  • The material must be delivered at least three working days before going live, to the Adoperations department of Sanoma via
  • When delivering please include the reference number on the quotation (e.g. 100012345), the name of the client and the name of the campaign.
  • For all advertisements in the Sanoma network, it must be clear to the visitor that it is an advertisement.
  • A complete overview of Sanoma’s advertising and delivery terms and conditions can be found at

Behavioural conditions

  • The advertisement may not impose a processing load of more than 40% on a user’s computer.
  • The advertisement may not slow down or freeze a smartphone or tablet. 
  • The advertisement may not slow down or crash a user’s app or mobile browser.
  • No 100% transparent background (max. 50%).
  • An advertisement may loop no more than three times.
  • An advertisement must have a clear CTA.
  • The duration of any video is maximum 15 seconds.
  • The video may only play when clicked.
  • By default a video’s audio is on when served, and can be deactivated by clicking.
  • Clear Play, Pause and/or Stop buttons must be present.

Technical specifications

  • The size of this advertisement is 300x250 px.

Delivering of physical material

  • Sizes to be delivered in view of varying screen sizes:
    • 300x250 px
    • 600x500 px
    • The file size is maximum 100 Kb per size.
    • Deliver as (animated) .gif, .jpg, or .png.
    • The URL of the landing page or separate impression and click trackers.

Delivery of adserving code

  • It is possible to place one adserving code, from which an ad with device recognition or a responsive ad is served.
  • We would like to receive HTML5 creations in the form of an adserving code. 
  • Initial load: 100 Kb.
  • Host-initiated subload: n/a
  • User-initiated load: n/a
  • Should you not be able to process and host HTML5 creations yourself, please get in touch with the Adoperations department of Sanoma via or +31(0)88 5569 540.
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