In-app tablet takeover

High Impact

Delivery terms and conditions

  • The material must be delivered at least three working days before going live, to the Adoperations department of Sanoma via
  • When delivering please include the reference number on the quotation (e.g. 100012345), the name of the client and the name of the campaign.
    - For all advertisements in the Sanoma network, it must be clear to the visitor that it is an advertisement. 
  • A complete overview of Sanoma’s advertising and delivery terms and conditions can be found at

Behavioural conditions

  • The advertisement may not impose a processing load of more than 40% on a user’s computer.
  • The advertisement may not slow down or freeze a smartphone or tablet. 
  • The advertisement may not slow down or crash a user’s app or mobile browser.
  • No 100% transparent background (max. 50%).
  • An advertisement may loop no more than three times.
  • An advertisement must have a clear CTA.
  • The duration of any video is maximum 15 seconds.
  • The video may only play when clicked.
  • By default a video’s audio is on when served, and can be deactivated by clicking.
  • Clear Play, Pause and/or Stop buttons must be present.

Technical specifications

This takeover comprises a: 520x290 px and 300x250 px

Delivering of physical material

Sizes to be delivered in view of varying screen sizes:

  • 520x290 px
  • 1040x580 px
  • 300x250 px
  • 600x500 px
  • The file size is maximum 100 Kb per size.
  • Deliver as (animated) .gif, .jpg, or .png.
  • The URL of the landing page or separate impression and click trackers.

Delivery of adserving code

It is possible to place one adserving code, from which an ad with device recognition or a responsive ad is served.

  • We would like to receive HTML5 creations in the form of an adserving code.
  • Initial load (per size): 100 Kb.
  • Host-initiated subload (per size): 300 Kb.
  • User-initiated load (per size): 4 mb.
  • Should you not be able to process and host HTML5 creations yourself, please get in touch with the Adoperations department of Sanoma via or +31(0)88 5569 540.
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