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  • 65% of people in the Netherlands (8.6 million) has a tablet (source: GFK, 1 July 2015).
  • The Netherlands has the highest tablet penetration in the world.
  • 1 in 5 households has a tablet and 20% of households even have 2.

With our apps and mobile sites for both smartphones and tablets, Sanoma, as biggest premium mobile publisher in the Netherlands, is able to reach almost all Dutch people. The tablet’s unique interactive options enable you to achieve your objectives in a relevant and innovative way.

We’re here to help you on this mobile journey. How can tablet advertising contribute to your company objectives?

  • It increases your brand’s branding:
    • High share of voice.
    • The larger screen offers higher emotional impact.
    • When tablet and television are used simultaneously, most attention is paid to the tablet. At that point, the tablet is the first screen.
    • Native advertising performs 3x higher on smartphones than on desktops and even 4x higher on tablets.
  • M-Commerce:
    • Tablet can be used effectively in the funnel’s preference and buying phase, suitable for M-commerce.
    • Tablet is a combination of a lean forward and lean backward medium and is often used on the sofa in the evenings to review potential purchases.
    • The tablet is well suited to stimulating sales for product categories, such as clothing, household items and FMCG.
  • Relevant activation options:
    • Click to convert, by for example e-mail, telephone or to the app store.
    • Click to move, by for example a calendar, store locator or coupon.
    • Click to engage, by for example a video, spin cube, vote or selfie.
  • Remarkable reach
    • The tablet has an extremely high reach among the 50+* target audience: almost half of tablet users is 50 or older.
    • In contrast to the smartphone, which comes second place for this target audience.

(Source: Dutch Tablet Users Q4 2014)

An overview of all tablet brands.

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