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Sanoma Programmatic is the trading platform for purchasing advertisements on Sanoma’s big high-quality network. As there are various product forms, every advertiser can rest assured that there is a suitable programmatic buying method.

Sanoma offers all basic and high impact formats within Sanoma Programmatic.

Sanoma programmatic rates

You can find the rate card including the programmatic on the ratecard.
Download programmatic bid url whitelist.

Contact and programmatic information

If you would like to know more about or participate in Sanoma Programmatic please contact us on or call +31(0)88 556 77 77.
For any questions about the delivery specifications please contact us on

Sanoma CPC

Are you looking for high returns on your action campaign? Sanoma CPC is well suited to campaigns with a performance objective. If you are searching for long-term traffic, sales or leads on all platforms then why not use Sanoma CPC? See more about Sanoma CPC.

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