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  • 80% of people in the Netherlands (10.6 million) has a smartphone (source: GFK, 1 July 2015).

The approach to advertising is changing fundamentally. Mobile is increasingly dictating consumer media consumption. Data and technology are shifting the boundaries, demanding new approaches to marketing, communications and creativity.
We’re here to help you on this mobile journey. How can mobile advertising contribute to your company objectives?

  • It increases your brand’s branding:
    • Mobile scores 4-5 times higher than web advertising regarding brand preference, brand awareness and brand purchase intention.
    • High share of voice.
    • Native advertising performs 3x higher on smartphones than on desktops and even 4x higher on tablets.
  • Unique targeting opportunities:
    • Context-driven campaigns based on weather, location, platform, keyword and time.
    • Targeting based on location and behaviour. This creates specific target audiences, such as students, supermarket visitors and audiences based on commuting behaviour.
  • Relevant activation options:
    • Click to convert/lead generation: e-mail, telephone or app downloads.
    • Click to move: to a calendar, store locator or coupon.
    • Click to engage: with a video, spin cube, vote or selfie.
  • M-Commerce: The smartphone is particularly suitable for reviewing and purchasing products that require minimum pre-research, such as games, books and films.
  • Reaching millennials:
    • 96% of young people (18-24) has a mobile and indicates that this is the most important device in their daily lives.
    • 88% of millennials say that they notice advertisements more when using the smartphone.
    • And 51% indicates that they make purchases via tablet and smartphone.

Interactive formats for mobile and tablets

The advertising options for mobile are expanding all the time. Sanoma’s interactive formats for mobile and tablet, including 2D Slider, 3D Spincube and Flipboard, enable you to really get your message across to your target audience. View the new formats on your mobile or tablet and discover how they can enhance your campaign.

Sanoma YouTube Channel mobile formats

For more mobile inspiration and recent mobile campaigns, please visit the Sanoma YouTube Channel.

Visit the overview of all mobile brands.

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