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DisplaySkinAutoweek_640x350 Skin Autoweek.nl
DisplayPushdownRoadblockKieskeurig_640x350 Pushdown Roadblock Kieskeurig.nl

Specials display is an advertising technology that makes optimum use of the internet’s interactive opportunities. The advantages of special display advertising are many; the ads are large and offer an excellent platform for creative approaches to getting your message across. The use of special display content has high visitor impact for the website concerned and the content really catches visitor attention.

Radical NU.nl and Startpagina.nl

The radical is a form that appears as ‘passe-partout’ around a web page. With a radical, the advertiser ‘frames’ a website and the environment with its own look. The radical is an exclusive advertising form and has limited availability on the websites NU.nl and Startpagina.nl. The radical is only available for manual purchase.

Spin cube

The spin cube is an ad in the form of a cube. The cube has 4 sides and changes side by swiping right or left. A maximum of 10 images can be used. The spin cube is only available for manual purchasing.


The skin is a high-impact format, which envelops the entire website content and is particularly appropriate for creative advertising. Like the radical, the skin wraps around the content. Unlike the radical not all website positions are purchased.  The skin is offered on sites including NU.nl, Autotrader.nl and WTF.nl. The skin is only available for programmatic purchasing.

Skybox Startpage

The skybox envelops the content in the top right corner of the website, as a cohesive unit. To achieve the maximum effect the button position is also part of the skybox. A skybox offers ample space for creative interpretation. This form is available on Startpagina.nl. The skybox is only available for manual purchasing.

Pushdown roadblock

With a roadblock, an advertiser fills at least two advertising spaces at the same time on a page or website. This enables you to claim exclusivity on the page and create maximum attention for your message. It is one of the most effective advertising tools on the internet. For extra high impact there is an option to link the various advertising forms. The pushdown roadblock is only available for manual purchasing.

Homepage Take over

With a homepage take over, your message appears in all existing advertising spaces on the homepage of a certain Sanoma SBS network website. This usually involves a combination of a banner, a skyscraper and/or a rectangle (at least 3 forms).
This advertising form is the ideal way to tap into the website’s environment or add topical information. The highest possible visibility really gets your message across making it particularly appropriate for theme, branding and action campaigns. The home page take over is only available for manual purchasing.

Rich media templates

For certain advertising forms you need to use one of the Sanoma preferred rich media partners. These are Adform, TECH53 (Sizmek Benelux) or Weborama.

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