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DisplayBillboardMargriet_640x350 Billboard Margriet.nl
DisplayBillboardVideo_AutoWeek_640x350 Billboard video Autoweek.nl
DisplayHalfpagead_NU_640x350 Halfpage ad NU.nl
DisplayFloor-ad_startpagina-radio_640x350 Floor ad Startpagina.nl

We like to share ideas with our advertisers in order to create new forms of online advertising that meet their needs. High Impact display can be used for both manual as well as programmatic advertising.


A billboard is a large image element at the top of a website. The size is
970 x 250 pixels. It is one of the largest and most prominent advertising forms in the Sanoma SBS network. Its high position at the top of the page guarantees that the billboard catches visitor attention. The high availability on the network also enables you to create a wide reach quickly.

Billboard video

Another option is to display a video in the billboard. With a maximum 15-second duration, the video can play automatically. The sound of the video is switched off as standard on serving and clear ‘play’, ‘pause’ and/or ‘stop’ buttons should be available. A clear call to action is recommended.

Tablet Header

This prominent advertisement at the top of the page really catches the attention. It is also possible to run a video in this large format. As with the billboard video, the content can be up to 15 seconds and the video must have all standard buttons. The difference is that on a tablet header the video can only be played on click.

Half-page ad

The half-page ad is a striking, large banner. The page position and format are excellent for getting your message across, with video streaming or interactive forms being among the options.

The half-page ad is popular because it catches visitor attention, being in or just below an article or in the middle of the page between the editorial content.

Half-page banner mobile

The half-page banner can be used for mobile devices. This advertising form uses half the mobile screen ensuring that your message will certainly be noticed.  Mobile is a fantastic tool for interacting with your target audience and, surrounded by content, you are assured of a connected environment for your ad.

Floor ad

A Floor ad is a (banner) advertisement at the bottom of a page that expands on mouseover. As the advertisement remains stationary when scrolling, this form of communication really catches visitor attention. The Floor ad offers ample space for creative solutions, such as video, animations and audio.


The expandable banner is a variant that unfolds when the visitor moves the mouse over the banner. The expandable banner’s interactivity catches visitor attention and increases the response. This makes this form extremely effective for both theme as well as action campaigns. You have more space to communicate your message. When the mouse is moved away from the banner, the expandable snaps back to its original size. As well as the expendable banner on the Sanoma SBS network, the expandable skyscraper and expandable leaderboard are also available.


The layered ad is an advertising form that is displayed as a layer over the underlying website. With this form of communication a so-called second layer appears over the website. This form allows you to create animations in various sizes and shapes. The layer is a Flash animation that can appear on the page without a browser screen in a random position and in any size. This enables the layered ad to take any desired form to create a cohesive unit with the underlying site.

Sanoma SBS uses a limiter (cap) as standard on the number of displays for each unique visitor, to prevent irritation. Immediately after using a layered ad it works well to fill the other advertising spaces on the website to ensure that the ad has maximum visitor impact.

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