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DisplayLeaderboardAutoWeek_640x350 Leaderboard Autoweek.nl
DisplaySkyscraperStartpagina_640x350 Skyscraper Startpagina.nl
DisplayFullbannerStartpagina_640x350 Fullbanner Startpagina.nl

If you are searching for long-term visibility for your campaign on all platforms why not try Basic display? Basic display can be used both manually as well as programmatic. Basic display is well suited to campaigns with a reach objective and is available across the entire Sanoma network.


The leaderboard is a horizontal banner at the top of a website. Its position catches the visitor’s attention immediately. And the leaderboard’s size offers many creative options to get your message across.


The skyscraper is a tall vertical banner, sometimes almost full page. The size and vertical format is designed to catch and retain visitor attention; this type of ad also remains visible for a long time even when scrolling up and down the page. The skyscraper is effective for theme and branding campaigns. The vertical form is particularly appropriate for animation and visual content.


The rectangle is a striking, large four-sided banner. The page position and format are excellent for getting your message across, with video streaming or interactive forms being among the options.

Its position in or just below an article or in the middle of the page between editorial content make the rectangle a popular banner. Sanoma SBS offers two different rectangle sizes (medium 300 x 250 pixels and large 336 x 280) on various positions in its network.

Banner (full, single and double sized)

Banners are suitable for short texts, combined with a striking visual (logo or brand name). Banner production and deployment costs are relatively low. Banners are excellent tools for supporting other online advertisements or for use on other types of media.

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