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Explanation of digital advertising definitions
brandedcontentNU.nl_Contentblok-NU.nl_640x350 Contentblok
brandedcontentNU.nl_advertorial_crossdevice-NU.nl_640x350 Advertorial

Branded content is content with a journalistic slant, created using the look & feel of a website. Branded content has a strong editorial look.


There are various types of advertorials: standard, editorial, advertorial plus, and video advertorial. The advertorial is a page incorporating text and images, boosted by a teaser on the home page. Advertorials can also be supplemented with video. Other specifications apply per site.

Commercial Post

A commercial post is an innovative solution in which the advertising form is included in the website design. This solution offers the option of placing an ad across various websites, adapting the look & feel to the title concerned.

Branded content on offers various forms of branded content on web, mobile and tablet. From smarticle to special. For use on one or more platforms.

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