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Audience (re)targeting
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Know your target group

Sanoma uses data to analyse continuously the socio-demographic features of its site visitors’ behaviour. We use this information to aim our campaigns even more accurately and focus on specific target groups (audience targeting). This means the relevant message for the right person at the right time and the right place!

Power of audience targeting

  • The right time, the right place, the right profile, the right device
  • Optimum relevance
  • A high effective range
  • High volume through use of RON
  • A higher conversion rate
  • Higher ROI

3 target solutions at Sanoma

  • Demographics

    At Sanoma, we can target socio-demographic features based on our subscriber data, newsletter registrations and other online registration forms. We enrich this hard-fact data with our site visitors’ surfing behaviour.
  • Interest and purchasing intention

    Sanoma can learn about our site visitors’ interests on the basis of their surfing behaviour. And we can also carry out analyses to see which visitors display behaviour that indicates potential purchasing intentions.
  • Custom

    We can create an extremely varied segmentation on the basis of our broad portfolio of special interest titles. This enables us to devise customised solutions that meet your requirements.
    • If you aren’t entirely sure who your current users are and where you can find them in our network, we can use audience discovery to clarify this for you.
    • If the volume of a specific target group is too small, we can use look-alike profiles to boost it.
    • And finally, we offer an option for real-time targeting.


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