For the reader Margriet is of great value regarding inspiration, keeping up-to-date and window-shopping. Ideas from Margriet are kept more than average. Certain features generate thousands of requests each year. The relationship with the readers is based on involvement, openness and reliability. Margriet has active readers, which is shown by the high level of response.

Target group

Margriet aims at women in the age group 30 to 55. These readers are often members of a multi-person household and more than 60 % have a part-time job. The Margriet reader has broad interests and spends a lot of time on social contacts. She attaches great value to atmosphere and hospitality. She pays increasingly more attention to her appearance.

Unique buying reaons

  • Margriet has a high reach among women in the age group 30 to 55
  • Margriet is a multimedia brand
  • Margriet has very low costs per 1000 (Women 13+)
  • Margriet has a very strong connection with her readers
  • Margriet is willing to commercial collaborations
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